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Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Bodhran anchored in front of the Las Hadas Hotel:

Well we’re hanging out in Manzanillo anchored in front of the Las Hadas Hotel, famous for being the set of the movie “10”, basking in 90 degree weather. We ended up staying in the El Cid marina in Mazatlan for a couple of days. We were just going to get some diesel, but I ran into Bill off Tica who mentioned a jam session the next day, so I had to stick around and play some music. Bill’s the drummer I was playing with in Barra de Navidad last year. He only had a lap snare with him last year, but this year he’s pushed over the two folding bikes and inflatable kayak in his quarter berth and squeezed in a nesting drum kit. It’s pretty impressive, the bass drum opens up and the entire rest of the kit stores inside. I couldn’t believe how many amplified instruments people are packing on their boats. There were 2 electric basses and 2 electric guitars at the jam along with a fiddle a couple of mandolins and a couple of harmonica players. The only problem was that there weren’t any mics to go with the drums and all the amplified instruments. You might be able to guess whose vocals you could actually hear.

Marina El Cid in Mazatlan. Bodhran in on the other side of the channel at the end of the dock:

We left Mazatlan a week ago with a forecast for light northerlies which never really materialized, so we ended up motoring all but a couple of hours on our way down to Banderas Bay. We spent most of our time avoiding all the long lines set out by panga fishermen near Isla Isabella and watching the armada of sport fishers out of Peurto Vallarta as we made our way into La Cruz the afternoon of our second day out. We anchored off the breakwater in La Cruz near Dave on Shoot the Moon. It was nice to see another friend from last year, but we didn’t get to hang out all that much. He summered Shoot the Moon in PV and had recently moved out to the anchorage in La Cruz and had a whole list of things to fix that seemed to work just fine while at the dock. Ain’t that always the way?

My old man on the Malecon in Peurto Vallarta:

The marina in La Cruz is almost done. They’ve already got a bunch of boats moored there even though the services aren’t yet in place. What they still don’t have, is a dinghy dock. I didn’t feel like landing on the beach and repeating last years toe slicing adventure, so we tied up to the rocks on the inside of the breakwater and climbed up to the road just like last year. Hopefully they’ll have that figured out in the near future. My dad and I took the bus into Peurto Vallarta and spent the better part of the day walking the Malecon and exploring old town. Along the way, my pops also had his first ever margarita and pina colada. He had thought that he wanted a frappuccino to cool down from the nearby Starbucks….shudder, but now he knows better.

The little anchorage in Ipala was a great stopover after the rambunctious sail around Cabo Corrientes:

From La Cruz, we had a great sail south round Cabo Corrientes. The seas were pretty confused around the cape and we had to do some hasty reefing. We even ended up taking a pretty good wave over the stern quarter, but we finally got a full day of sailing in for the first time since I got to La Paz and snuck into Ipala just as the sun was going down. The next morning we got some more good sailing south and pulled into Manzanillo early yesterday morning. We are definitely back in the land of warm weather, water and good afternoon breezes. My dad is flying back to Seattle tomorrow from Manzanillo, just so he can fly back two days later with my mom, Alex and Trevor to spend Christmas with me in Barra de Navidad. Something about having to use his ticket or the package deal will fall apart for the whole family. Sounds pretty asinine to me, but he’ll fly out in tomorrow and I’ll beat my way 30 miles back up the coast to Barra the next morning.

Lucky seventh time across the Sea

Friday, December 7th, 2007

We had a nice sail up from La Paz to Balandra Bay on the north end of the Pichilinge where we spent the night waiting for the end of a big northerly that was blowing 25-40 knots out in the middle of the Sea of Cortez. Of course it was a beat all the way up, but at least I can actually beat again now with my nice new sails.

Got some nice snorkeling in off the surf board around the reefs at Balandra:

We took off from Balandra with a light southerly blowing which persisted all the way through the Cerralvo Channel, then of course the wind pretty much died all together. So for my seventh trip across the Sea of Cortez, we motored all the way. No wind beats the hell out of 35 knots on the nose, but it’s always disappointing to have to motor that long.

Anchored off Isla Venedos across from Mazatlan’s Gold Zone:

We got into Mazatlan around 10:00 last night and anchored behind Isla Venedos. Unfortunately I’m on a bit of a schedule, so I’ll only be here a day or two and then we’ll be heading south. On the bright side, it’s sunny and very warm, mid-80s over here. I think that we’ve hit the end of cold weather for the winter.