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Next stop The Marquesas!!!!!

Friday, March 7th, 2008


Ok I’m actually leaving this time. The winds are looking decent and I’m all cleared out of the country. I split a rental car with the folks off Eelyos down to Manzanillo to clear immigration. Somehow my tourist card wasn’t stamped showing that I’d paid the fee up in Guaymas, so I had to pay for my tourist visa so that I could leave the country. Sure makes perfect sense. Other than that we didn’t have any real problems, unless of course you think of being pulled over by the cops in a rental car that didn’t have registration on board, the driver had forgotten his license on the boat and we were speeding. Speeding, no license, no registration, could have been a problem. At first they wanted to impound the car, but the cop was no match for a screaming 2 year old. Little Daneb on Eelyos undoubtedly saved us a lot of hassle and the cop let us off with a 200 peso note slid which I’m sure will find it’s way into official channels. After immigration we hit the Commercial Mexicana, big box store, and picked up 4 overflowing grocery carts full of food and diapers. I’ve still got no idea how we fit it all into the station wagon along with 4 adults and the afore mentioned two year old, but somehow we crammed it all in and drove back to Barra with the exhaust dragging across every speed bump we passed. Gotta love rental cars.

Speaking of road trips, the reason that I’m still around, besides the wind of course, is that Scully, Sadie and drove up to Guadalajara to see Bob Dylan last weekend. Scully’s pretty much a local down here, even though he’s from Nelson, BC. He’s been building a house out in the Barrio and has a great old Chevy pickup with a camper that we took to see Bob. It was a great trip out, driving the windy little highway though the mountains and endless fields of blue agave. We got into Guadalajara and asked for directions to the theater where Bob would be playing. We strolled up to the ticket counter and the day before the show we were able to get tickets in about the 25th row dead center. Then we started driving towards the old part of the city and found a little posada for 350 pesos a night 4 blocks from the basilica. We then promptly left to go to Estadio Jalisco to catch the soccer game between Atlas and Puebla. We were hoping that Chivas was playing, but it was still a great game and a ton of fun for 6 bucks.

Estadio Jalisco, home of Chivas and Atlas:

We spent the next day just wandering around Guadalajara. There’s just too much of the city to see in a day, but we had a good time wandering around and getting psyched up for the concert that night. Now I’d heard that Dylan’s been pretty bad the last few years, but it turns out that he put on a great show. He was dressed up all in black like a mariachi out Tim Burton movie. Almost ghoulish, but very cool. He’s reworked a lot of his old songs to match his voice. He just can’t hold his notes anymore, so the songs are much choppier, but his voice is pure gravel and sounds great. On top of that you can actually understand him these days. Unfortunately my camera got impounded at the doors, so no pics of the show.

Scully’s rig, classic ride for cruising around Mexico:

So now I’m pretty much ready to go. I’ll probably actually leave tomorrow or Sunday, but this will be my last post before the Marquesas. I probably won’t be getting into port until April 10th or so. I’m sure that I’ll get a post and some pics of passage up then.