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Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Craters at the top of Haleakala:

3 days in Seattle almost killed me.  I flew from New Zealand to Seattle last Friday on a relatively painless flight.  Sure was nice to cover in 14 hours what took me many months to cover on Bodhran.  My youngest brother, Trevor, put me up in a spare room in his house on Capitol Hill.  Nice to be back in the states and I watched 3 football games on Sunday, but the cold was killing me.  Fortunatley I only stuck around a couple of days before flying out with my parents, brothers, nephew and niece to Maui.

First Rose family dinner in a long time:

My pops rented us all a beautiful 3 bedroom condo in Kahana just off the beach, so for the last few days we’ve been driving around eploring the island, grilling on the BBQ and generally soaking up the nice weather.  Cold beer and running water that I don’t have to skiff back to the boat is a bit different from my normal tropical experience, but I could certainly get used to it.  I’m just very concerned about heading back to Washington for 3 more weeks.  Fortunately I’ve got some cold weather gear in storage up in Bellingham.  Here’s some pics from the last few days:

My brother Colin, sister-in-law Marilyn and their kids Katie and Tyler:
Colin, Marilyn, Katie and Tyler

Grilling brats at our condo:

My brothers, Marilyn, Tyler and Katie:
My brothers, Marilyn, Tyler and Katie