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Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Hot Springs running into the bay at Savusavu:

I turn up the stereo to hear it over the drone of the rain. I take a swig of Fiji Gold to suppress the greasy Chinese food that my body is trying to reject. It’s a melancholy night here in Savusavu. Guava Jelly and Sidewinder left this morning. Migration and Riada II left earlier in the week. I should be following them, having many kava and music filled adventures in Eastern Fiji. Instead, I’m surrounded by sail bags and deck gear that I fortunately got below before the rain started. My cruising season is at an end.


I’ve been in Savusavu for 10 days now. Typical to Fiji, our welcome here was warm. Migration, Guava and Bodhran all arrived within hours of each other. There was a mass of cruisers that passed us as we explored the Minerva Reefs and all the moorings were full. Instead, 8 boats had to anchor in a small, deep patch of water outside the mooring field. There’s nothing like being anchored at 2 to 1 scope in 75 feet of water. Even though we weren’t on Waitui moorings, Asari, the local marina attendant was kind enough to bring the customs, immigration, quarantine and health officials out to the boats and then set us up with credit at the marina for beer and a buffet of traditional Fijian fare.

Waitui Marina:

Our time here in Savusavu has been spent re-cooperating from the passage, which mainly entails cleaning, drinking beer and fixing all the little things that broke underway. Mercedes took a week or so before finding David on Shandon, a fellow Scot to sign on with. Hopefully Shandon will be a good fit and she’ll have some good times learning another boat.

Party on Migration, it’s nice having the deck space of a 46′ trimaran to spread out on:

Migration Bruce playing his English concertina:

Last pic of me with long hair:

I think that I’ve got Bodhran put pretty well to bed for the Fijian Winter. I got some varnishing done, changed the oil, decommissioned the outboard, took off the sails and canvas, closed all the thru-hulls, wiped everything down with bleach and moved everything possible inside. I’m on a good mooring Asari from Waitui marina is going to open her up and check on her once a week.
Bodhran on her Waitui Mooring

A sobering reminder to triple up those mooring lines:

To prevent anyone from going into shock when I get home, this is what I look like these days:

Right now I’m in Nadi International Airport after catching a Twin Otter over from Savusavu. In a short 4 hours I’ll be flying out of here on the overnight flight to LA. For some reason I’ve got a 7 hour layover at LAX. Hopefully I’ll be able to get on another flight, if not it’s going to be another 25 hours before I get into Seattle. I’ll definitely be ready for an IPA.

No real reason to get to the Savusavu airport 2 hours early, but I did get to hang out with the employees and play music for an hour before my flight: