Holy Crap It’s Been 7 Months Since I Last Posted

Tug Ocean Ranger up in Jervis Inlet, B.C.:
Tug Ocean Ranger

Amazingly enough I’ve been away from Bodhran and this blog for 7 months now. A lot has happened, but alas I’m just not inspired to write about things that are 6 months old and probably not that interesting unless you’re one of my family members, but the biggies were 2 of my brothers getting married, Tiffany and I split up, I got laser eye surgery, I’ve dropped 35lbs and my father died unexpectedly at 66.

My new glassesless, svelte self:
Me on the Ocean Ranger

In June, I got hired on again with Western Towboat and was able to get 109 days of work in 4.5 months. I spent most of that time hauling freight around the Bering Sea on the Ocean Mariner, but also got a few good trips in up to Southeast on the Pacific and the Ocean Ranger. Unfortunately I hurt my back towards the end of my last job. The plan was to head back to New Zealand right away, but I’m waiting for my back to heal up a bit before I firm up any plans on getting back to my travels. So sorry again for the long break in the blog, but look forward to a re-newed effort to get some interesting blog material going in the coming months.

For some more interesting reading in the meantime, check out Greg and Bonnie’s blog.  They’re building a 37′ version of Willow in Ohio right now.

Also I did get a photo gallery up with some pics from working this Summer:

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