Some projects that have treated me well

As I’ve been spending the last 2 months repairing things that broke and improving things that bugged me while crossing the Pacific, I thought that I might reflect a bit on some modifications I made that really worked well. Here’s an incomplete list in no particular order:

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  1. John says:

    The photo of the monitor shows your dockstep on the left. Its still giving good service as well! Cracks and all. Welcome mat is suffering though… Great post! ~John

  2. Baloo says:

    Damn! Your boat looks tight. Really tight. Clean. I guess crossing an ocean is a good way to get rid of extra junk on deck, and get your systems dialed, huh?

    We have more and more junk on deck. Including a two-year-old now!


    Unfortunately a lot of those pics are from Bellingham before I left. Bodhran is getting back into shape, but is certainly not clean.

  3. Bill Amt says:

    Have a DE 32 that I am also refurbishing – including boom gallows, Ares windvane etc. The boat I acquired has a hard dodger and (besides detracting in my opinion from the lines of the boat) is not convenient to handling the mid boom sheeting. Use to sail a West Sail 32 whose cabin top is a little lower than the DE and as a result a little more suspetable to spray.

    I notice you have no dodger and I am considering removing the hard dodger but do not know if I should consider replacing with a soft dodger – what are your thoughts. If you can provide an e mail address I will share my photos and activites if you would like

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