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Bodhran is my 1979 Downeast 32 cutter which I purchased in October of 2002 and has pretty much been my obsession ever since. Bodhran is hull #130 of the 134 Downeast aka. Down East aka Downeaster 32s built in Santa Ana California by Down East Yachts LTD. These boats are not racers by any means, but offer an amazing amount of interior space, a sound hull and a salty appearance that always turns a head or two. Bodhran served as a good home for 4 years living at the dock while I was fixing her up. She’s also performed admirably on my travels down the West coast of the US, a couple of seasons in Mexico and in 2008 all the way across the Pacific to New Zealand.

Builder: Down East Yachts Santa Ana,CA Designer: Bob Poole
LOA: 35’0 Displacement 17,000 Fuel: 80
LOD 32’0 Ballast 5,500 Water: 100
LWL: 25’10 Bridge Clearance 46’0 Holding: 6
Beam: 11’0 Draft: 4’9 Engine: 25 hp Isuzu

Sail plan

Main: 280 sqft
Yankee: 329 sqft
Jib: 188 sqft
Staysail: 125 sqft
Working Total: 593 sqft

In addition to the stock Down East 32 sails, I’ve also got a .75oz 549sqft Asymmetric Spinnaker from cruising direct,  a storm jib and a storm trysail. The spinnaker has been a great addition, allowing me to sail in winds as light as 3 knots as long as the seas aren’t too high. I’ve only flown the storm jib once and it performed beautifully in gusts up to 45 knots with a double reefed main. When I blew out my main off the Washington coast, the trysail did an admirable job when hove to and also did a surprisingly good job beating to weather along with the jib in 25 knots of wind. Bodhran has been pretty heavily modified over the years.

Here’s a link to a post I put up with some of my favorite mods: Some Projects That Have Treated Me Well

Here’s some pics of Bodhran from New Zealand in early 2011


Profile Bow
Stern Companionway
OverheadBow OverheadStern
CockpitForward Turtle


SaloonFwd SaloonAft
Dinette Galley
Fridge Nav
Head VBerthFwd

And here’s some older pics:

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  1. Jason,

    What a great website you have! Ask Tiffany about who I am if she hasn’t already done so. I know the feeling isn’t mutual, but I consider her to be one of my daughters and while I am overjoyed at her having this experience, I’ll worry until she comes home.

    I hope to be following the two of you from your website and her emails. I really enjoyed your photos. You are very good with the camera and I hope to see more photos from this trip. It so happens that a song “Driftwood” by Dan Gibson was playing on Pandora when I first went to your site. It was a nice combination of your photos at sea with the sound of seagulls and wave action playing along.

    Interestingly, I have often used a variation of one of your comments, referring to having my woman earn enough to support me in the manner to which I would like to become accustomed. It never happened but its nice to dream isn’t it?

    Hope you both have lots of fun and stay safe.


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