Back in the water

Bodhran back in Town Basin Marina after 6 long weeks in the yard:

After 6 long weeks in the yard, Bodhran is back in the water…..for now. I’m hauling out again this afternoon, but just for the night. More on that later. For one reason or another, I just haven’t been motivated to write about all the work that I’ve been doing on the boat while it was still in progress. Now I just want to go out sailing instead of sitting around writing blog posts, but as I’m anchored off Whangarei waiting to be hauled out this afternoon, here goes.

Of course there are many projects that I wanted to do and didn’t get a chance to, but here’s a synopsis of everything I did:

1. Took the facing trim off the entire cap rail, re-caulked the hull to deck joint, replaced the trim piece (much of which was damaged during removal), faired the entire rail and painted it with white marine enamel.

Here’s the cap rail all done with the windows faired and painted:

2. Removed the large windows from the saloon, glassed in 3/4” plywood plugs for the old windows, glassed over the plugs inside and out, faired the outside, trimmed the inside with 1/8 ply painted white, painted the outside white with marine enamel and installed 4 new 5×26” opening ports. The new ports don’t quite match the old ones installed forward, but when I get my port visors in they should match better.

3. Removed engine, cleaned and painted engine compartment, replaced all 4 motor mounts, cleaned the propeller shaft, re-trued the coupler face, replaced the shaft seal, had a new alternator bracket made, cleaned and painted rusty parts on the engine, replaced the bearings and seals in the water pump and re-installed the engine.

Here’s the engine compartment painted with 4 shiny new motor mounts:

4. Replaced 4 old bronze thru-hulls and seacocks with new marlon fittings. I still have a bronze thru-hull and seacock for the raw water foot pump in the galley that is only 6 years old.

5. Installed mini-bulkheads next to each chainplate attachment point not already supported by a structural bulkhead, painted new bulkheads white and re-installed cabinetry including new workbench area.

Here’s the new bulkheads on the starboard side:

And here’s the fold down workbench that I constructed around the new bulkheads:

6. Removed the old butterfly hatch, built and glassed in a new 1.25” frame around the old hatch frame raising it to above the upper deck level, faired, painted and installed a new aluminum hatch.

Here the new hatch as well as my new 2.7m inflatable. My old 2.2m avon was just too small so I sold it and got a new one:

7. Doubled the size of the anchor locker by cutting the opening in the old bulkhead larger, and adding a new bulkhead 9” aft of the original allowing me to move my primary anchor chain to the upper locker and alleviating the need to go below to knock down chain and I raise the anchor.

Here’s the new anchor locker bulkhead:

8. Cut the bottom out of half of the cockpit locker, glassed in new bulkheads to separate the new locker area from the engine compartment reclaiming a large portion of unused space in the engine room and allowing me to move my diesel jugs off the deck into the cockpit locker.

Here’s the newly modified cockpit locker:

9. Tiled the rest of the galley counter, built temporary shelving behind the sink and added a pull out kitchen sprayer that doubles as a shower in the cockpit.

10. Installed new 6 gallon water tank under the sink as a dedicated shower/rainwater catchment tank. Plumbed the vent line so that while catching water, I can direct the overflow from the new tank to the main tanks if I want.

11. Built a new cockpit table with leftover 3/4” ply. I still need to build the support when the table is in the up position.

Here’s the new table folded down against the pedestal:

12. Polished the hull, re-painted the bottom with two coats of anti-fouling and had propspeed applied to the prop.

My new deep red hull with a shiny coating of propspeed to keep the growth off the prop:

I’m probably forgetting some little things, but that’s the gist of what I’ve been doing the last couple of months. I went back in the water 5 days ago and after spending 3 nights in the marina in town decided to take off for a bit of cruising yesterday. Well unfortunately I didn’t install my new shaft seal properly I think that I burned it out already. It’s a lip seal that attaches around the shaft log with a clamp and then at the other end has a tapered area with 3 depressed ring areas that hold grease and keep the water from coming out around the shaft (it kinda looks like one of those dog toys you fill with peanut butter). Unfortunately the seal was made for a smaller shaft log than mine and the clamp deformed when I tightened it. It was doing fine, but after taking off yesterday and running the motor for 2 hours, the seal developed a leak around the shaft log which drained the water out of the seal leaving it with no lubrication. I figured it out when I started getting a burning rubber smell from my engine. So now I’m back to Dockland 5 for an overnight haulout. If the seal isn’t damaged I might be able to re-install it in a way that it won’t leak, but I think that I’ll be putting my old stuffing box back in. Either way I hope to be back in the water tomorrow and on my way out the river to meet up with my buddies Rick and Christian on Guava Jelly. Cross your fingers!

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