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Two more photo albums

Friday, September 10th, 2010

So here’s some pics from work this summer and from Tate and Betsy’s wedding

Tate and Beth’s wedding September 4th 2010

Wedding Pics Photos from the 6 day party surrounding my good friends Tate and Beth’s wedding in and around Powers Oregon.

Alaska July – August 2010

Alaska 2010 Photos from my 44 day work trip on the 75′ tug Triumph from Seattle, to Seward, Dillingham, Natnek, Bethel, Nome and back to Seward.

Tate and Betsy got hitched

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Tight squeeze coming through Wrangle Narrows:
Pulling a barge through Wrangle Narrows just South of Petersburg

So my short work season came to a close about a week ago. I got in one short 5 day trip up to southeast and back and then a 44 day trip hauling freight from Seattle up to Seward, Dillingham, Natnek, Bethel and Nome before I had to fly out of Seward on the return trip. I sure would have liked to work more this Summer, but this should be enough to last me for another season.

Dinner coming past Cape Spencer:
Dinner coming past Cape Spencer

Dan with a grizzly behind the barge in Natnek:
Dan with a grizzly behind the barge in Natnek

The last week has been a whirlwind of good times. Tiffany and I drove down to Oregon for my good friends Tate and Beth’s wedding. The wedding was at the house where Beth grew up outside of the small Siskiyou logging town of Powers. Mark and Kathy, Beth’s parents, have a phenomenal place that they fitted out beautifully for the wedding. Add the Foghorn Stringband, two great families and a great group of friends that couldn’t stand around 15 minutes without pickin and it made for an amazing party.

A bit of pickin before the wedding:
A bit of pickin before the wedding

Myself, Tiffany, Johnny, Alexis and Hoss before the wedding:
Myself, Tiffany, Johnny, Alexis and Hoss before the wedding

Tate and Betsy making their vows:
Tate and Betsy making their vows

Tate and Betsy taking over from the band at the reception:
Tate and Betsy taking over from the band at the reception

More pickin at the reception:
Tate and Betsy taking over from the band at the reception

After the wedding, we all took off for Tate and Beth’s place in Coos Bay for a couple more days of hanging out, cooking food, making music and hanging out on the beach. We tried to make it up the 101 on the way home, but with the rain and fog, we only made it up as far as Newport before heading back to I-5. I’m back up in Bellingham now. I’ll be splitting my time between here, Seattle and Spokane for the next couple of weeks until I start my STCW Basic Safety Training course on September 20th. That class will finish off my credentials for working internationally if an opportunity presents itself. Then October 3rd, I’ll be off to Hawaii for a week and then it’s on back to Fiji and Bodhran.

Hanging out at the beach at Coos Bay:
Hanging out at the beach at Coos Bay

Back to work

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

I didn’t know if it was going to happen or not this year, but I got the call and am leaving today and will be working pretty much non-stop through the end of August. I’m going to be working on the Triumph, a sweet little 75′ tug that I spent 8 days working on last Summer. It should be a good gig.

Here’s the Triumph with our barge up in Seward last year:

Finally something new around here!!!

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

After a few comments about having a hard time navigating around my site I finally decided to do something about it. I’ve been playing around with Google Maps make an interactive route. Click on the route lines to get a quick blurb on the route, distance traveled, related blog posts and pictures. Blue dots indicate anchorages or marinas. Again click the dots for pics and relevant blog posts if any. I’m only down into Mexico the first year right now, but I’ll be continuing to add to the maps until I get all the way to poor Bodran tied up to a wall in Fiji.

So go to the “Interactive Map” tab across the top of the page and let me know what you think. Also I’m not sure if “Interactive Map” is the proper heading. I was also thinking Map or Travels.


Going back to school……..for a couple weeks anyway

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Back in Bellingham:

How time flies when you’re not doing a damn thing. It’s been nearly a month since I got back to Bellingham. Everything started out well with a trip down to Coos Bay Oregon for the 2nd Annual Glasgow gathering. The Glasgow Gathering is basically Tate’s way of getting all his buddies from up north to make the drive south to visit by organizing a backyard bluegrass festival. This year’s was great with some fine sunny weather and an average of 12 hours of pickin a day.

Pickin till our fingers bled at the Glasgow Gathering:
Glasgow Gathering

Tiff and I riding her work boat, the Victoria Star II, back from Victoria:

Since then I’ve been not making any plans waiting on a call from Western Towboat so I could go back to work. They haven’t needed me yet, but fortunately I’ve been around to help a bit with my brother and mom’s move down to West Seattle and my dad’s move out of his condo. Too bad I’ve been trying to live out of the condo while he’s moving out. Still the time in Bellingham has been good hanging out with Tiffany and all the fellas from back home, but I’ve been slowing going insane waiting. So now I’ve enrolled with Compass Courses in Edmonds for the 100 Ton Masters/200 Ton Mates course. When I finish I still won’t be able to work as a mate on the tugs, but will start building up sea time towards my towing endorsement which would allow me to move up in the towing world. The license will also let me work on all sorts of different boats up to 200 tons gross. Hopefully I’ll be able to work for Western later this summer, but if not at least this license will open up some more job opportunities for me. So the license will be nice, but I still need to make enough money to go back to Fiji in September.