Chased out of Viani Bay

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks here in Viani Bay. We came into Viani Bay Christmas day to get internet and track a tropical depression that was heading towards Fiji. We spent Christmas and New Years with the Fisher family and friends and have had a great time. I got to watch the final Seahawks game of the season. Then after not seeing another cruising boat for a month, Chuck on Deviant came in.

This last weekend really highlighted how small the world is getting. After going over to a beach in the next bay for some yoga and cribbage, Mélanie and I came back to catch the end of the Chiefs-Colts game and then watched Saints take down the Eagles. The next day I got to watch the Chargers-Bengals game before going out snorkeling with Jack, Chuck and Mélanie in Somosomo Strait. We got back in time to watch the end of the 49rs-Packers game. It’s amazing being able to watch a fantastic wildcard football weekend and intersperse it with trips to the beach and snorkeling in warm, crystal clear water.

Now Cyclone Ian is threatening us and it may well be time to leave Viani Bay and seek shelter in Naqaiqai Creek. Ian would be a tropical depression or tropical storm at best back home. The wind is only reaching about 45 knots, but it’s been named and we’re not taking it lightly. Ian’s barely moving and could gain strength very quickly. The forecast has it moving slowly towards Fiji for the next two days and then turning southeast and fading away. Hopefully the forecasts will hold and we’ll only end up getting about 20 knots. The problem is that when we leave, we lose internet and will only be able to track the weather via the radio. Reception is poor in both the cyclone holes, so we kinda go into a media blackout. So it’s better to stick around here and get information and then bolt for our shelter a day before the weather hits. That may be this afternoon if the current forecast holds.

Either way, we need Ian needs to clear through and we need to be back in internet range for the Seahawks-Saints game next weekend.

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