Crossing Pics

We really didn’t take too many pictures while we were on passage, but a few turned out:

Photos from the crossing from Tonga to New Zealand

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  1. David Lee says:

    Hi Jason, Tate !!

    Nice story of your crossing! Congratulations on making it to Marsden Pt.! I plan to leave Tonga on Dec. 6 to Auckland, then back up here on Dec. 17, I’ll try to find you when I’m in NZ !

    David Lee, CEO/janitor
    Seatools Sailing Services LLC
    Port of Nuku’alofa field office
    Harbor View Motel
    Mau’fanga, Tongatapu
    Kingdom of Tonga
    South Pacific

    P.S. The Molokau bite is getting better each day, Rock n’ Roll Dance contest at Shooters ’07 tonight! Everyone at Bill Fish Bar says,
    “Malo e Lelei !! “

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