Finally something new around here!!!

After a few comments about having a hard time navigating around my site I finally decided to do something about it. I’ve been playing around with Google Maps make an interactive route. Click on the route lines to get a quick blurb on the route, distance traveled, related blog posts and pictures. Blue dots indicate anchorages or marinas. Again click the dots for pics and relevant blog posts if any. I’m only down into Mexico the first year right now, but I’ll be continuing to add to the maps until I get all the way to poor Bodran tied up to a wall in Fiji.

So go to the “Interactive Map” tab across the top of the page and let me know what you think. Also I’m not sure if “Interactive Map” is the proper heading. I was also thinking Map or Travels.


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  1. Scratch says:


    I’ve recently become the proud owner of Orion, another DE 32. My only regret is that I didn’t buy her a year ago whe I first saw her. When I stumbled across your website I was amazed at the effort put into it and, as the others following it have stated, I’m very impressed and I appreciate your love of the boats.

    I’m also living aboard with the intention of some single handed extended cruising. So your posts and opinions are extremely helpfull. I’m on the other side (Nova Scotia, Canada) so it may be a while before we cross paths, but you never know…

    Thanks again.


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