Lucky seventh time across the Sea

We had a nice sail up from La Paz to Balandra Bay on the north end of the Pichilinge where we spent the night waiting for the end of a big northerly that was blowing 25-40 knots out in the middle of the Sea of Cortez. Of course it was a beat all the way up, but at least I can actually beat again now with my nice new sails.

Got some nice snorkeling in off the surf board around the reefs at Balandra:

We took off from Balandra with a light southerly blowing which persisted all the way through the Cerralvo Channel, then of course the wind pretty much died all together. So for my seventh trip across the Sea of Cortez, we motored all the way. No wind beats the hell out of 35 knots on the nose, but it’s always disappointing to have to motor that long.

Anchored off Isla Venedos across from Mazatlan’s Gold Zone:

We got into Mazatlan around 10:00 last night and anchored behind Isla Venedos. Unfortunately I’m on a bit of a schedule, so I’ll only be here a day or two and then we’ll be heading south. On the bright side, it’s sunny and very warm, mid-80s over here. I think that we’ve hit the end of cold weather for the winter.

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