So a month has passes since Tate and Betsy’s wedding and a fun filled time it’s been. I spent a week in the STCW marine Basic Safety Training class, finally fished off my Coast Guard 100 ton license packet, moved Tiffany out of her boarding house and into storage, said goodbye to friends and family back home and flew off to beautiful Oahu, Hawaii. Greg and Bonnie sailed Willow up here from the Big Island a month ago for a 3 week training course that Greg was in to get started working as an observer on the tuna and swordfish boats out of Honolulu. Tiffany and my timing could not have been better arriving 2 days after training finished.

Surf break right next to where Willow is moored:

We’ve spent the last week splitting our time between Willow and fellow Bellinghamsters Craig and Cara’s beautiful house on the hill overlooking Waikiki. Bonnie and Greg really hadn’t spent any time checking out Oahu yet, so we rented a car for the week and have been doing the rounds. A day was spent checking out the North Shore, swimming and then hiking Sacred Falls with a bunch of Greg’s classmates. Mai Tai’s and swimming on Waikiki Beach also filled some of our time, but in general, we’ve just been having a good mellow time of it trying to acclimate to the tropics before heading back down to Fiji.

The beach at Pipeline:

View from a temple site above Waimea Bay:

Trail up to Sacred Falls:

Sacred Falls:

Greg, Bonnie, myself and Tiffany at Sacred Falls:

Tiffany and I take off for Fiji tomorrow morning. I’m sure it’ll take a few days to get Bodhran back into trim, so we’ll be around the internet for a while, but Vuda Point Marina can be a hot and miserable place when you want to get out cruising. So hopefully were going to be out of contact and back cruising in paradise in just a few days.

Another big thanks to Cara and Craig for putting us up 3 nights, here’s the view from their deck:

Craig, Bonnie, Cara, Greg, Tiffany and myself:

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