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I’ve quit putting up individual photo albums on the blog.  Most people find them easier to look as well as give feedback on, if I post them to Facebook.  I’ll leave all the old photos up on this page, but look for all my recent pics on my Facebook photo page

Fulanga Fiji, August 2013

Photos from my 2 weeks in Fulanga with Guava Jelly and Irie.

Vuda Point Marina Fiji, June 2103

Photos from my 3 weeks in Vuda Point getting Bodhran back in shape after cyclone Evan. Distraction provided by Tinny, Dix, Lulu, Marika and the rest of the yard boys.

Kia Island Fiji, Oct-Nov 2012

Photos from Riki and my week long visit to Kia Island north of Vanua Levu Fiji.

North Vanua Levu, Fiji Oct-Nov 2012

Photos from Guava Jelly and Bodhran’s transit of the north coast of Vanua Levu

Rabi Island Fiji, Oct 2012

Photos from Rabi Island Fiji with Riki on Guava Jelly. We went to Katherine Bay and Elizabeth Cove, but most of the pics are from Albert Cove and the good folks that live there

Qamea Fiji, Oct 2012

Photos from my 11 days in Naiviivi Bay, Qamea Island Fiji with Riki on Guava Jelly and all the good folks from Waibulu Vilalge

Savusavu to Matangi Fiji, Sept 2012

Photos from Savusavu, Taveuni and Matagi Fiji

Whittier, Sept 2012

Photos from my trip hauling a freight barge up to Whittier

Anchorage Salt, August 2012

Photos from my trip on the Arctic Titan hauling salt from Vancouver, BC to Anchorage

Shemya 2012, July 2012

Pics from the Ocean Ranger hauling freight out to Dutch Harbor and Shemya

Weiser ID, June 2012

Photos from the National Old Time Fiddle Championships in Weiser Idaho

New Zealand to Fiji, May 2012

Photos from my passage from Opua New Zealand to Savusavu Fiji with stopovers at South and North Minerva Reefs

Whangarei to the Poor Knights, Feb 2012

Photos from Whangarei up the coast and out to the Poor Knights Islands where I joined up with Rick and Christian on Guava Jelly in Feb, 2102

Dockland 5 Haulout, Dec 11 – Feb 12

Photos of the work I did on Bodhran from Dec 16th, 2011 – Feb 2nd, 2012

Whangarei December 2011

Photos from Town Basin Marina, Dockland 5 boatyard and other spots around Whangarei New Zealand in December 2011.

Auckland December 2011

Photos from Auckland and Waiheke Island in December 2011.

Thanksgiving 2011

Photos from Thanksgiving 2011.

Road Trip November 2011

Photos from my road trip to Spokane and Boise in November 2011

Western Towboat Summer 2011

Photos from working on the Tugs Ocean Mariner, Pacific and Ocean Ranger in Alaska during the Summer of 2011.

New Zealand Dec 2010 – Mar 2011

Photos from sailing around New Zealand from December 2010 – March 2011

Fiji Oct – Dec 2010

Photos of Tiff and my travels around Western Fiji, October – December 2010.

Oahu Oct 2010

Photos visiting friends on Oahu enroute to Fiji in October 2010

Tate and Beth’s wedding September 4th 2010

Wedding Pics Photos from the 6 day party surrounding my good friends Tate and Beth’s wedding in and around Powers Oregon.

Alaska July – August 2010

Alaska 2010 Photos from my 44 day work trip on the 75′ tug Triumph from Seattle, to Seward, Dillingham, Natnek, Bethel, Nome and back to Seward.

Bay of Islands, April 2010

Bay Of Islands Photos from my month sailing around the Bay of Islands, first with Amber from back in Bham and then with Delaware Johnny and Marisa up from Franz Josef.

Haruki Gulf, Feb/Mar 2010

Haruki Gulf Photos from my time in Gulf Harbour, sailing with Iwona’s family out to Tiritirimatangi and out to Great Barrier Island with Tiffany.

Whangarei to Whangaruru, Jan/Feb 2010

Whangaruru Photos from sailing out of Whangarei to Parua Bay, Tutukaka, Mimiwhangata, Whangaruru, back to Whangarei and down to Auckland.

New Zealand, Nov-Dec 2009

New Zealand 2009 Photos from around New Zealand in November and December 2009

New Zealand Haulout, Dec 2009

New Zealand haulout Photos from Hauling Bodhran at the Norsand boatyard in Whangarei New Zealnd, December 2009

Hawaii, Nov 2009

Hawaii 2009 Photos from my visit to Greg and Bonnie on the Big Island in November 2009.

Western Towboat, Jun-Oct 2009

Western Towboat Pics Photos from working for Western Towboat in Alaska Summer 2009

New Zealand, Jan-Mar 2009

New Zealand Pics Photos from my travels around New Zealand. There are a few from Whangarei where Bodhran is moored, but the majority are pics from my ramblings hitch hiking around the two islands.

Crossing from Tonga to New Zealand, November 2008

Photos from the crossing from Tonga to New Zealand The few pics Tate and I took during our 11 day, 1050 mile passage from Tonga to New Zealand.

Tonga, August – October 2008

Photos from Tonga Pictures from Tonga. I spent 2 months in the Vava’u group in northern Tonga, 10 days in the Ha’apai group in central Tonga and hopefully will be out of Tongatapu and on my way to NZ in less than a week

Niue, August 2008

Photos from Niue Pictures from the small island nation of Niue

Cook Islands, July-August 2008

Cooks Album Pictures from Aitutaki and Palmerston in the Southern Cook Islands

Society Islands, June-July 2008

Societies Album Pictures from my travels through the Society Islands

Tuamotu Archipelago, May 2008

Tuamotus Album Pictures from my travels through the Dangerous Archipelago

Marquesas, April 2008

Marquesas Pictures from travels with Bonnie and Greg on Willow through the Marquesas Islands

Crossing, March 10 – April 4th 2008

Crossing Pictures from my 25 day, 3000 mile passage from Barra de Navidad Mexico to Fatu Hivu in the Marquesas

Barra de Navidad, Dec 2007/Jan 2008

BarraDeNavidad Pictures from my month in Barra de Navidad, Jalisco. The first few weeks were spent with my family over Christmas, the second 2 weeks were with my buddy Tate and the group of girls we met from Quebec

Southbound, October-December 2007

Southbound Pictures from my travels south from Bellingham, WA to Manzanillo, Colima

Container Crane Delivery from Long Beach, CA to Dutch Harbor, AK August-October 2007

La2Dutch Pictures of my 67 day trip down to Long Beach to pick up a container crane and deliver it to Dutch Harbor. Of course all hell broke loose in Dutch, so it got extended to include pulling a barge off the rocks, transloading a bunch of cargo and then taking the other barge up to Bethel and finally Nome, AK before I jumped ship and flew home

Gravel Run to Bethel, July 2007

BethelGravelRun Pictures of my first run with Western Towboat. I flew up to Bethel Alaska as relief crew. We made three runs between Dillingham and Bethel delivering gravel to repave the roads. We then went to Seward to pick up a bunch of empty shipping containers. We came back south through the Inside Passage via Dixon Entrance.

Haulout in Guaymas and road trip north,

May 2007

RoadNorth Pictures of my haulout in Guaymas and the subsequent road trip north to

work for the Summer.

Northbound from Barra to San Carlos

Mar-May 2007

Northbound Pictures of my northbound trip from Barra de Navidad, to Mazatlan, to La

Paz, to the islands and finally up to San Carlos to haulout for the season

Phoenix Project

Phoenix Pictures of the Phoenix as she was reborn from the ashes and put into

sailing shape in La Paz during March/April 2007

1994 Dodge Van

Van Pictures of the 1994 Dodge Conversion Van I’m buying from Ron and Dianne

off Batwing.

La Cruz to Barra de Navidad, February 2007

LaCruz2Barra So if you look at this album, you’re going to get really sick of seeing

people playing music, but that’s pretty much all Tate and I did for January

and February this year. So here’s all the pics of Tate and I in La Cruz,

later joined by Brandon, Jason and Beth in Barra de Navidad.

Mazatlan to La Cruz, January 2007

Mazatlan to La Cruz Pictures of Tate and I on our trip from Mazatlan to La Cruz with stops at

Isla Isabella, San Blas and Chacala

La Paz to Mazatlan, January 2007

La Paz to Mazatlan Pictures of Tate and I in La Paz, Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla PartidaAnd here’s the sea lion video from Nick’s camera out at LosIslotes: LosIslotes.wmv (6.3MB)

Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006 Pictures of my family and myself in La Paz for Christmas 2006.

Cabo San Lucas to La Paz, November 2006

Pictures of my round-about trip from Cabo to La Paz. I crossed from Cabo

to Mazatlan to meet up with Greg and Bonnie on Willow and then hit San Blas

and Punta De Mita before turning back North and making my way up to La Paz,

Novemmber and December 2006.

San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, November 2006

Pictures while transiting the outside of Baha California on the way down to

Cabo San Lucas with Kurt and Trevor in November 2006.

San Francisco to San Diego, October 2006

Pictures while transiting the California coast on Bodhran along with my Dad

and my friend Joe in October 2006.

Bellingham to San Francisco, September 2006

Pics from my Departure leaving Bellingham Washington sailing down to San

Francisco. I put in a few pics from when we were offshore. Unfortunately

during all the snotty weather and when the really interesting things were

going on, I was too busy to pull a camera out and document it. Hopefully

Peter will send his pics before too long and this album will grow a bit bigger.

Subdued Stringband Jamboree, August 2006

Pics from the 6th Annual Subdued Stringband Jamboree at the Deming Logging

Show Grounds August 2006.

Tofino, June 2006

Mac and Jessica had a beautiful wedding at their place. Afterwards a whole crew of us, including a bunch of mid-westerner’s who flew out for the wedding, convoyed up to Tofino for 3 nights of camping on the beach.

Rigging Project, Winter 2006

In the winter of 2006 I pulled the mast off Bodhran and embarked on a full rerig. I ended up taking all the hardware off the mast, stripping it down and painting it, replacing the wiring in the mast and in the boat, adding a led tri-color masthead light, adding running backstays, adding folding mast steps, adding spreader lights, adding a spinnaker pole track, replacing the vhf antenna, replacing all the shrouds and stays, replacing the turnbuckles and replacing the chainplates. Hopefully I won’t have to do all that again for a few years.

Downeast 32 Miracle, March 14 2006

I ran into Miracle, the other Downeast 32 in Bellingham, while on an evening sail with Steve on his Catalina 22 Baby Blue.

Inati Bay, February 2006

Overnighter to Inati Bay with my Dad on his Fantasia 35 Merlin. Joining us were Kurt and Steve on Kurt’s Fuji 32.

La Conner, January 2006

Overnighter down to La Conner with Dean, Amber, Sarah and Michelle.

Crystal Mountain, December 2005

Snowboarding with my brothers Trevor and Alex at Crystal Mountain.

San Francisco, September 2005

Trip down the coast to San Francisco I took with Greg and Bonnie on their home built Benford 34 Willow.

Subdued Stringband Jamboree, August 2005

The Subdued Stringband Jamboree at the Deming Logging Show Grounds.

South Beach Trail, August 2005

3 day hike I took with my brothers Alex and Trevor along the Washington coast on the South Beach Trail out of La Push.

Eagle Harbor, July 2005

Single handed trip I took out to Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island.

Sailing July 27, 2005

Light air day with the folks from work. The wind was so light that we decided to drop sail and go for a dip in the bay.

Sailing July 22, 2005

Great day sail on Bellingham Bay with winds in the high teens. Most of the pictures are of my buddy Kurt’s Fuji 32.

Misc sailing pics, updated July 2005

Miscellaneous sailing pictures from when I just got the boat untill now. Updated periodically as I take pics that I don’t want to make a new album for.

Gulf Islands, June 2005

Week long trip I took through the Canadian Gulf Islands on Peter’s Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Gitana. We buddy boated on this trip with Kurt and Emily on their Fuji 32.

Sucia Island, May 2005

Trip to Shallow Bay on Sucia Island for Mac’s birthday.

Tofino, March 2005

Camping trip to Tofino, BC with Mac, Jessica, Kellie, Abbey and Garret. We tried a bit of surfing, did a little whale watching and generally had a great time.

Inati Bay, February 2005

Trip to Inati Bay with Kurt and Emily’s now unnamed Fuji 32 and Peter’s Dana 24 Gitana. My buddy Lamont skiffed out from the marina and snapped these pictures of us as we were taking off across the bay.

La Conner, January 2005

Trip to La Conner, WA with Tate, Audrey, Jessica, Amber and Amber’s friend whose name I can’t remember. We met up with Tate’s buddy Matt and his crew who had just bought a Lafitte 44 which they have since taken cruising.

Chicago, November 2004

Business trip to the Radiological Society of North America’s annual conference in Chicago. My buddy James moved to Chicago while his fiancee, Berit, finishes her PHD at Northwestern. So we were able to vist them for a few days after the conference.

Barkley Sound, August 2004

Month long sailing trip I took to Barkley Sound with Kurt, Tate and Audrey.

Camping in Quincy, WA July 2004

Camping trip I took to Quincy, WA. The campground was close to the Gorge Ampitheater where we saw Robert Hunter, The Allman Brothers and The Dead play. Camera’s weren’t allowed in the Gorge so the pics are just of the campground.

Matia Island, July 2004

Trip I took out to Rolf’s Cove on Matia Island with my Dad on Merlin, my brothers Alex, Colin and Trevor, and Colin’s buddy Jason.

Sucia Island, June 2004

Trip I took out to Shallow Bay on Sucia. James and Berit joined my on the sail out to my Mom’s house on Lummi Island the first night. Peter sailed out on Gitana and Mariah drove out the next day for the trip out to Sucia.

Willow’s Departure, May 2004

Greg and Bonnie taking off on their first big trip in Willow. Greg’s brother, Dan, accompanied them to Hawaii. They then sailed on to Palymra atoll, back to Hawaii and back to Bellingham all in one summer.

Delivering Merlin, May 2004

Delivering my Dad’s new to him 1976 Fantasia 35 Desiderata (later to be renamed Merlin) from Anacortes to Blaine by way of Echo Bay on Sucia.

Kurt’s Birthday, April 2004

Kurt Baumgarten’s birthday weekend April 2004. 3 day/5 boat trip to Inati Bay on Lummi Island and Shallow Bay on Sucia. The boats involved were my Downeast 32 Bodhran, Kurt and Emily’s Fuji 32 Mariko II, Peter’s Dana 24 Gitana, Greg’s home built Benford 34 Willow and Dan’s later to be named Roberts 34 Shyla. Greg and Dan had to get back to Bellingham after the first night, but it was quite a party the whole weekend long.

Bodhran’s Haulout, April 2004

Haulout April 2004. This was my first haultout since I bought Bodhran. I stripped all the loose paint off the bottom, repainted the bottom, changed the zinc, repainted the boot strip, waxed the hull and changed the hailing port from Seattle to Bellingham.

Gitana Delivery, Feburary 2004

Pictures from helping Peter deliver his 1988 Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Gitana from Seattle to Bellingham. I had just got a wide angle lens for my Fuji Finepix 5000. Unfortunately the step down ring that I used to attach the lens introduced a black ring artifact into the picture when I was zoomed out. Consequently there are a lot of photos in this set that look like they were taken through a rifle scope.

Inati Bay, Feburary 2004

These pics are from an overnighter we took across Bellingham Bay to Inati Bay on Lummi Island. Peter, Andrew and James came on my boat while Tate accompanied Greg on Willow.

Desolation Sound, August 2003

These pics are from a month long sailing trip that I took through the Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound. My brother Alex and my buddies Tate and Josh accompanied my for the first 2 weeks. Then Peter drove up to Lund and got on board for the second 2 weeks while Alex and Tate drove his car back to Bellingham.

San Juans, May 2003

This was my first multi night outing on Bodhran. Josh, James, Peter and I took a week off work and made an anti-clockwise trip around the San Juan Islands.

Delivering Bodhran, November 2002

Sailing Bodhran, my new to me 1979 Downeast 32 from Gove’s Cove on Lake Union in Seattle to Bellingham. James and Kurt helped my on this trip.

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