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Sailing past Whangarei Heads. The last sail for a while unfortunately:

Well it’s been another month long break since I got a blog post up. It’s been a month of 8-10 hour days giving Bodhran some much needed TLC. I went back up to Kawau Island for a week or so taking advantage of the good shelter and isolation. There’d been quite a bit of wind out of the north and when I the forecast turned south and my supplies started running low, I took off and had a beautiful sail up to Whangarei where I was able to get a jetty berth and start really getting some work done.

I couldn’t ask for a much better spot for boat projects:


Whangarei is a great town for getting work done with everything you need less than a 15 minute walk away. I’ve probably forgotten some of the work I’ve done in the last month, but here’s what I can remember:

  • Drilled out the port side deck, injected epoxy and painted the deck with non-skid

  • I found some rot in the foredeck hatch, so I stripped it, cut out the rot, put two layers of fiberglass over it, filled the rot holes, faired, painted and vanished the hatch.

  • Stripped remaining varnish off the trim that goes around the exterior cabin top and painted green.

  • Stripped and re-varnished the companionway turtle and grab rails on the after portion of the cabin top

  • stripped and varnished the saloon table

  • cut down the nav desk so that it didn’t stick out so far, the cause of many of my hip level bruises on passage. Then stripped and varnished the nav desk.

  • Added a piano hinge to the bottom of the electrical panel and then varnished the panel

  • moved the sideband radio and stereo to the cabin top above the nav desk

  • sanded and varnished all remaining interior trim that I had put in two days before setting sail back in 2006 and never got around to varnishing. This includes the starboard side interior, most of the trim in the head and all the trim and drawers in the forecabin.

  • Stripped and varnished the companionway and galley trim

  • finished building in my new Engels chest refrigerator, built a hinged hatch over it and added tile to the counter to cover up my demolition job installing the fridge.

  • Stripped old varnish, sanded and oiled galley/nav cabin sole

  • Stripped and varnished bulkhead between the saloon and the head

  • painted the head base and sole

  • cleaned and polished bronze ports as well as the lamp and some of the other brass and bronze in the saloon

  • repained the headliner in the forecabin, head and most of the main cabin

  • knocked all the rust off the, not used since Oregon 2006, cabin heater and stack and the polished them

Well that’s all I can remember for now. I really should have taken some before pics, but I just kept starting one project after another without really thinking about it. Here’s all the after pics:

This was leaving Whangarei at the beginning of February. It’s the only pic I have that shows the state of some of the exterior varnish before I redid it.

Here’s the rebuilt foredeck hatch and some of that shiny new green stripe:

And here’s the companionway turtle and grab rails for you:

The interior projects are just too many to take pics of each, so here’s a photo tour of Bodhran’s interior these days:






And here’s Bodhran on her pile where she’ll be living until December.

I’m in Auckland right now after spending the last few days wrapping up all these projects and getting Bodhran all buttoned up and ready to winter over down here in the Southern Hemisphere. I’ve put her on a pile mooring where she should be safe and sound. I’m flying back to Bellingham tomorrow and then it’s off to Seattle for my brother Trevor’s wedding. Then I’ll hopefully be going back to work for Western Towboat. Blog posts will be sporadic for the next 6-8 months, but hopefully I’ll be seeing everyone in person real soon

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