Vuda Point Fiji

Bonnie and Greg right after launching Willow at Vuda Point Fiji:
Bonnie and Greg right after launching Willow at Vuda Point Fiji

Hmmm funny thing about the tropics, it’s hot! damn hot! I’m sitting here at the little cafe at the Vuda Point Marina near Lautoka Fiji. I’ve decided to help my good friend Greg and Bonnie sail Willow 3000 nautical miles against the trades from Fiji to Hawaii. It’s not really a pleasure cruise. For the most part we’re going to be waiting for light or disturbed winds and then motoring like crazy until we can get to the next island group. The plan is to go from Fiji to American Samoa, possibly the Cook Islands, Christmas or Fanning islands in the Line Islands and then Hilo all in about 2 months. Even if it’s not going to be the most enjoyable trip, at least we’re going to be hitting some island groups that I missed on my way across the Pacific in Bodhran. Speaking of Bodhran, she’s all buttoned up and secure in Whangarei NZ where she’ll ride out the southern Winter while I go home and work tug boats again. The weather’s been a bit nasty and I haven’t taken many pics yet, but hopefully I’ll get some more interesting blog material as we make our way across Fiji to check out of Savu Savu sometime next week.

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